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Flush access door, tested for air infiltration, exfiltration, and water penetration.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial the stop the spread of infection. The Acudor ADWT access panel is airtight and watertight, making it a vital part of laboratories and clean room construction. The ADWT is a flush access door that has been tested for air infiltration, exfiltration, and water penetration. This door is also in compliance with Level 3 Biological Safety Laboratories (BSL3). It is essential that the required standards are met before putting the bio-containment facility into service. A critical aspect of such a facility is gas-impermeable walls, ceiling and floors within the laboratory. Special considerations are given to joints, finishes and penetrations. Work surfaces, floors, wall, and ceilings must be designed, constructed and finished to facilitate easy cleaning and decontamination. Access panels must be piano-type hinged and gasketed with gas-tight gaskets. The AcudorADWT exceeds BSL3 (Level 3 Biological Safety Laboratories) stipulated standards, making it the perfect choice for Laboratory and Clean Room environments.

ADWT : Airtight / Watertight Access Panel for Laboratories and Clean Rooms.


Features and Testing:

Air Infiltration : Leakage ≤ 0.01 cfm/sq foot at 6.27 psf – ASTM E 283/E283M-19

Water Penetration : No leakage at 15.04 psf – ASTM E 331-00(2016)

ASTM E283/E283M-19 “Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen”, for Air Infiltration & Exfiltration at 300Pa (6.27 psf) with result of maximum leakage ≤ 0.1 L/s/m2 (0.01 cfm/ft2)

ASTM E331-00(2016) “Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference”, for Water Penetration resistance at 720Pa (15.04 psf) with result of no leakage.

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