Duct Doors for Sheet Metal Duct

Product Overview

HD-5070 Introduction

The Acudor HD-5070 is a hinged duct door for sheet metal ducts. The HD-5070 assures a tight seal without obstruction in the air system.


Galvanized steel,double panel


24 gauge

Mounting Frame

24 gauge with 5/8" notched knock over tabs


1/8" thick by 1/2" wide closed cell neoprene gasketing between door and frame and also between frame and duct


Continuous aluminum piano hinge


Door panel filled with 2" fiberglass insulation (7.7 R factor), compressed into 1".


Self tightening, hand operated cam latch

Optional Locks/Latches

Cylinder Lock & Key, Hasp + staple, L-Handle

Product Highlights

  • Insulated door panel, along with the gasketing between the door and frame

  • 5/8” notched knock over tabs on the inside of the frame provide for easy installation

  • Designed for use in LOW to medium pressure up to 3” static W.G.

  • Continuous aluminum piano hinge

Cta keyboard red

Request Information

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Other sizes available upon request

Nominal Door Size W&H Weight per Door
6 X 6152 X 1524.75” X 4.75”1.100.5
8 X 8203 X 2036.75” X 6.75”1.700.8
10 X 10254 X 2548.75” X 8.75”2.401.1
12 X 12304 X 30410.75” X 10.75”3.251.5
14 X 14356 X 35612.75” X 12.75”4.201.9
16 X 16406 X 40614.75” X 14.75”5.102.3
18 X 18457 X 45716.75” X 16.75”6.402.9
20 X 20508 X 50818.75” X 18.75”7.803.5
24 X 24610 X 61022.75” X 22.75”10.604.8

Duct opening is normal door size minus -1 1/4" (31mm)
For detailed specifications see submittal sheet

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