Floor Door Non Hinged Panel Recessed 1" for Ceramic Tile/Concrete

Product Overview

FT-8080-1 Introduction

The Acudor FT-8080-1 is a non-hinged, recessed floor door. The FT-8080-1 is designed for interior and exterior applications that require an access opening that will blend in with the surrounding floor material.




1/4” smooth aluminum plate reinforced for live loads of 150 lb/sq.ft. / recessed 1" for ceramic tile/concrete


1-1/2" x 1-1/4" aluminum angle with mounting holes in top flange

Standard Latch

Door panel is secured to frame with 1/4" x 1" flat head screws


Mill finish

Product Highlights

  • Recessed 1" to accommodate ceramic tile and concrete.

  • To keep the floor material from cracking or chipping within the door panel, the securing screws are located in the flange of the mounting frame

  • 1/4" smooth aluminum plate reinforced for live load of 150 pounds/sq. ft.

  • Door panel is secured to frame with 1/4" x 1" flat head screws

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Other sizes available upon request

Nominal Door Size W&HWeight per Door
8 X 8203 X 20363
12 X 12305 X 305115
18 X 18457 X 457178
24 X 24610 X 610199

For detailed specifications see submittal sheet

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