Recessed Access Door, Panel Door for Tile

Product Overview

DW-5058-TD Introduction

The Acudor DW-5058-TD is a recessed access door, Designed to provide access in tiled walls, while maintaining an invisible, architecturally pleasing appearance


Aluminum extrusiAluminum extrusion with tile backer fitted in door paneloAluminum extrusion with drywall fitted in door paneln with drywall fitted in door panel

Door Frame

Aluminum extrusion 6063-T6 recessed to provide similar edge to drywall bead to allow for finishing of wall or ceiling surface.


Wing hinge allows door panel to open to 90 degrees, and also allows for door panel to be removed from frame. Safety chain installed on door & frame for safety.


Dust seal gasket

Standard Latch

Concealed Touch Latches

Optional Locks/Latches

Slotted Screwdriver Cam Latch, allen head cam latch, spanner head cam latch, cylinder lock & key.


Mill Finish

Product Highlights

  • Designed for installation in 5/8" cement board

  • Aluminum Extrusion Door & Frame

  • Concealed touch latch for easy and reliable operation.

  • Dust seal gasket

Cta keyboard red

Request Information

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Other sizes available upon request

Nominal Door Size W&HWeight per Door
8 x 8203 x 2031.50.7
12 x 12305 x 3052.00.9
16 x 16406 x 4065.02.3
18 x 18457 x 4576.02.7
24 x 24610 x 61012.05.5
24 x 36610 x 91421.09.5

Wall opening is normal door size plus +3/8" (9.5mm)
For detailed specifications see submittal sheet

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