Flush Access Door, for Drywall

Product Overview

DW-5040 Introduction

The Acudor DW-5040 is a metal access door with drywall bead flange, designed specifically for installation in drywall walls and ceilings after the drywall has been installed.


20 gauge galvanized formed door panel, 26 gauge galvanized frame


Formed door panel with multiple bends for added strength, flanged on four sides, Integral perforated taping bead adds rigidity



Standard Latch

Slotted Screwdriver Cam Latch

Optional Locks/Latches

Cylinder lock & key; allen head cam latch; spanner head cam latch, torx, torx head with security pin


5 stage iron phosphate preparation with white baked-on polyester powder coat on door panel. Frame to be mill finish

Product Highlights

  • Installation in Drywall walls and ceilings.

  • Formed door panel with multiple bends for added strength

  • Door flange is a perforated taping bead with pre-punched holes

  • Unique concealed hinge

Cta keyboard red

Request Information

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Other sizes available upon request

Nominal Door Size W&HLatchesWeight per Door
Inchesmm lbs.kg.
6 X 6152 X 15211.40.64
8 X 8203 X 20311.80.82
10 X 10254 X 25412.61.18
12 X 12305 X 30513.51.59
14 X 14355 X 35514.42.00
16 X 16406 X 40614.82.18
18 X 18457 X 45716.52.95
22 X 22560 X 560110.24.63
24 X 24610 X 610112.35.58
24 X 36610 X 914217.88.07
30 X 30762 X 762217.37.85
36 X 36914 X 914223.010.43

Wall or ceiling opening is W + 3/8” ( 9 mm)
For detailed specifications see submittal sheet

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