Acudor designs new security safeguards for Times Square.

These doors are deliv­ered for instal­la­tion in Gran­ite Bench­es for pub­lic use in Times Square, NY. Bench­es range from 25 feet to 65 feet in length, each have cav­i­ties on rear face to house Elec­tri­cals, Broad­cast and Data Con­trol systems.

Acu­d­or doors will pro­vide secure access to such ser­vices while blend­ing with their sur­round­ings. These gas-strut oper­at­ed mul­ti-com­part­ment water-tight door assem­blies are typ­i­cal­ly H13”xL92”, man­u­fac­tured from 316 grade Stain­less Steel coat­ed with Plas­ma Stream Deposit for enhanced aesthetics.

The spe­cif­ic mate­r­i­al and func­tion­al expec­ta­tions pre­sent­ed chal­lenges in engi­neer­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing, which have been skil­ful­ly tackled.

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